General Fishing Information


Welcome to the Fort Eustis fishing program portal. This Installation provides several opportunities and locations for fishing. 


Freshwater fishing is offered on Eustis Lake and Brown’s Lake. Both lakes are Catch and Release only.


Salt or Brackish fishing is offered on the James and Warwick Rivers, and Bailey's Creek with limited boat launching for small watercraft, canoes, and kayaks.


Each participant in the fishing program must check in to iSportsman. The primary participant must check-in and then add additional guests using their names and birth date.  All individuals actively fishing must check into iSportsman using their fishing permit. 


Those fishing should monitor the iSportsman portal and the upcoming events tab to remain aware of any changes to the fishing program and provision of opportunities.


Clean Your Catch!  Those participating in fishing on JBLE-Eustis now have access to a fish cleaning station. A fish cleaning station has been provided at the Warwick Pier so that you may clean your catch. Please be responsible for making sure your scales and carcasses make it into the water and do not leave trash or other materials on the pier.   There is no running water at the facility, so please plan accordingly and clean up after yourself. Contact the iSportsman Administrator if you need further information.