Biological Data Collection Requirement

Biological data is an important part of monitoring the health of fish and wildlife populations on the Installation. Data collected is used to determine management, harvest, and ecosystem health decisions in the coming seasons. 

You are required to submit and acknowledge any check-in or checkout questions that include participation, harvest, and safety data.

Deer and turkey hunters are required to "check" their harvests at the processing station (see map) located on Mulberry Island Rd and provide any requested data during checkout as well as biological data and samples requested by the 733 CES Staff. 

All management lottery hunters will be required to submit genetic and pathogen samples during the FY2023-2024 hunting season. All recreational hunters may submit samples voluntarily if they would like. Please note ALL hunters MUST still submit a jawbone ANYTIME they harvest a deer.

Waterfowler, small game, and predator hunters are not required to report to the processing station with their harvest but are required to truthfully answer all checkout questions and harvest reports. One (1) hunter from each group must report the harvest for their entire group. iSportsman is NOT USED to determine one's daily bag limit. 

Fishermen must truthfully answer all checkout questions and slot or creel limit questions. iSportsman is NOT USED to determine one's daily slot or creel limits.