* Important

- Every person entering any area of Fort Eustis as a guest or participant of the hunting program must register in iSportsman and must check in/out through iSportsman.

- Hunters should monitor this portal and the upcoming events tab to remain aware of any changes to the hunting program and provision of opportunities.

- Hunters requiring additional time to search for a harvested deer must "check out" by the system mandated time and contact Security Forces to notify the Conservation Law Enforcement Officer on duty and obtain approval for occupation of the hunting area or moving beyond approved movement radius.



NoticeMaps: The deer hunting map has been updated.  Map version 8 Nov 19 supersedes all previous versions.  Changes include stand classifications, parking locations, and hunting area delineations.  A new map has been added, titled "Deer Stand Trail Map," and indicates the "generalized" location and direction of stand trails.  This map is intended as a generalized map to assist those unable to locate trail head markers afield.  This map does not include all features as the Deer Hunting Map to maximize effectiveness of stand trail features.


Am I at the correct stand?  Am I in the correct area?  To answer those questions, click here Trail Markers.pdf


Season Information

  • Deer Hunting Dates
    • 5 Oct 19 - 4 Jan 20
    • Friday thru Monday
  • Duck Hunting Dates
    • 11-14 Oct 19, 20 Nov 19 - 1 Dec 19, 19 Dec 19 - 31 Jan 20
    • Friday thru Monday for interior waterfowl hunting
    • Monday thru Sunday for exterior waterfowl hunting
  • Small Game Hunting Dates
    • TBD



Check in/out Times

  • Deer Hunting
    • A.M. Check In = 0400, Check Out = 1159
    • P.M. Check In = 1200, Check Out = Sunset + 60 min
  • Waterfowl
    • Check In = 0400, Check Out = Sunset + 60 min