* Important

Every person entering any area of Fort Eustis as a guest or participant of the hunting program must register in iSportsman and must check in/out through iSportsman.

Rabbit Hunters wishing to hunt with dogs must contact Natural Resource Manager at least 48 hours in advance of the hunting day. (757)952-5204.

Hunters should monitor this portal and the upcoming events tab to remain aware of any changes to the hunting program and provision of opportunities.

Training Area 28 is closed to all hunting activities, except on approved days.  Scheduled hunting days for Training Area 28 are every Sunday in January and February 2020. 

Waterfowl Markers 24WM9 and 24WM10 will be open, if available, through the end of waterfowl season. HOWEVER, Hunters are not allowed to access these markers from HA 28 or the bridge to HA24I. Hunters must access these markers from HA24 through the woods or by motoring up Morrison's Creek. Hunters will not be permitted to drive into HA24, and must park at designated parking locations.

- Accessing, traversing through, or occupying any "No Hunting" area or Training Area closed to hunting for any reason is strictly forbidden.  This prohibition includes, but not limited to, the launching of watercraft to access waterfowl hunting locations. Any person found within the boundary of any area closed to hunting will be ticketed by Security Forces personnel and placed on administrative hold for 10 hunting  days. * NOTE: TA 20 is an authorized boat launch site and may be accessed 7 days a week for the sole purpose to launch watercraft.  This area is identified on the waterfowl hunting map as an authorized launch site.



Waterfowl Hunters: Occupancy and Procedural Changes

** The protocol to “check in” to a waterfowl hunting location has been significantly modified to eliminate double booking of a location.  Hunters will see changes in listed occupancies and procedures to complete the check in process for a waterfowl hunting location as a single hunter or group.  The following outlines the procedure to complete the check in process for a waterfowl hunting location with annotated notes for clarification:

All waterfowl hunting locations have a maximum occupancy of 4, but only 1 hunter can sign for the location.  Your hunting party cannot exceed 4 total hunters.

  • Log into your iSportsman account
    • Click “check in”
      • Navigate acknowledgements
        • Choose exterior or interior waterfowl hunting

At this point, you should see all available asset numbers (for example, 23DB14) and “Spots Remaining” beneath the asset number.    *NOTE: While the occupancy of each waterfowl hunting location is 4, the “Spots Remaining” will now show 1. 

 iSportsman will close each waterfowl hunting location following the completion of the check in process by the first waterfowl hunter. This eliminates “double booking”. ​

  • Following your selection of an exterior or interior waterfowl hunting asset, you will be asked if there are additional participants. (Your response is always “NO.”)
    • You will then be asked if you have any guests.
      • If you are hunting alone, then you select “NO.”
      • If you are hunting as a group, then you select “YES.”

* NOTE: Only one hunter in each group can complete the check in process for waterfowl hunting locations and that hunter will add the guest(s) during this step of the process.  The hunter that completes the check in process for a waterfowl hunting location will be the primary hunter and responsible for reporting group harvest data. If you are the first to complete registration, you will be given the green check mark page informing you that you were successful.  If not, you will be returned to the choose location page. ​

  • Hunters who complete the check in process must know the permit number and last name initial of all guests within the group; 3 guest maximum.​

* NOTE: All guests are linked to the primary hunter.  When the primary hunter completes the check-out process, all guests will also be checked out.  If guests of the primary hunter desire to maintain occupancy of the waterfowl hunting location following the primary hunter completing the check-out process, a guest hunter may complete the check in process and maintain occupancy of the waterfowl hunting asset as the primary waterfowl hunter.​


Am I at the correct stand?  Am I in the correct area?  To answer those questions, click here Trail Markers.pdf


Season Information

  • Deer Hunting Dates
    • 5 Oct 19 - 4 Jan 20
    • Friday thru Monday
  • Duck Hunting Dates
    • 11-14 Oct 19, 20 Nov 19 - 1 Dec 19, 19 Dec 19 - 31 Jan 20
    • Friday thru Monday for interior waterfowl hunting
    • Monday thru Sunday for exterior waterfowl hunting
  • Small Game Hunting Dates
    • TBD



Check in/out Times

  • Deer Hunting
    • A.M. Check In = 0400, Check Out = 1159
    • P.M. Check In = 1200, Check Out = Sunset + 60 min
  • Waterfowl
    • Check In = 0400, Check Out = Sunset + 60 min

Stay Alert for Munitions