* Important

Turkey hunters who win a lottery ticket but are unable to attend the hunt can transfer a winning validation to another hunter (provided they have a current iSportsman account), but must do so in writing through the Natural Resource Office before scheduling their hunt days. Adam.s.priestley.civ@mail.mil

Every person entering any area of Fort Eustis as a guest or participant of the hunting program must register in iSportsman and must check in/out through iSportsman.

Sportsmen should monitor this portal and the upcoming events tab to remain aware of any changes to the hunting program and provision of opportunities.

Am I at the correct stand?  Am I in the correct area?  To answer those questions, click here Trail Markers.pdf

Season Information                                                                                                             


  • Deer Hunting Dates                                                                                                
  • Duck Hunting Dates
  • Small Game Hunting Dates
  • Turkey Hunting Dates
    • Sat/Sun 11 Apr through 16 May, as selected by Lottery Winners.

Check in/out Times                                              

  • Deer Hunting
    • A.M. Check In = 0400, Check Out = 1159
    • P.M. Check In = 1200, Check Out = Sunset + 60 min   
  • Waterfowl and Small Game Hunting
    • Check In = 0400, Check Out = Sunset + 60 min
  • Turkey Hunting
    • Check In = 0400, Check Out = 1200 + 30 min                                                                                                                                                                              Photo: James McCabe 2019.