Deer Stand Numbering

All deer stands are coded with a minimum of four (4) digits, first, two (2) indicate the hunting area and second two (2) indicate the stand number in that hunting area.
Some deer stands have letter coding following the four (4) digits.
Letter coding signifies special characteristics for that stand: 

- Y = Youth only stand (adult may accompany, but cannot possess a firearm).

- W = Can be hunted on Weekends only.

- H = Can be hunted on Federal Holidays only.

- A = Archery equipment only stands.

- S = Can be hunted from the metal stand only.

Letter coding legend is also located on deer hunting maps and is the responsibility of hunters to know and obey all coding.


Trail Markings

All deer stands are marked at the trailhead with the 4 to 9-digit stand number. Parking areas must be in HAs that are open to hunting in order to park at that location. 
In some instances, trails may lead to multiple stands. Most often they are tandem stands and will have the same number. In some cases, they will be different stands and the trail to each will be denoted with another trailhead marker. 
Trail Markers for deer hunting are orange reflective material with the white edges verticle on the trail. 
"Stands" can be metal ladder stands or marked trees. The tree is marked with an orange reflective tape with the white edges being horizontal.