The Hunting Shack

All items in Building 3307 shall be considered the property of the US Government unless provided by users.  Wall-sized maps and dry erase board(s) are provided to view and collaborate. You may also find hard copies of hunter surveys and statistics posted at this location.  Any issues or concerns referencing B3307 shall be provided to the Wildlife Biologist.

Building 3307 (B3307) will be used as the focal point of the hunting, fishing, and boating programs.  This facility is shared among three (3) entities and consideration must be given to those other entities.  It is a privilege to have access to a heated building with restroom facilities and this privilege should not be abused.  Users should be aware of their footgear and avoid tracking mud and other "outdoor" items into the facility.  Please clean up after yourself and others.  No electrical items such as coffee pots may be left in the hunting shack unless approved by the Fire Department.  All requests for such items must go through CES, who will in turn arrange an inspection by the Fire Department.  The community has been provided this facility and maintains its cleanliness.  Any items brought into the hunting shack shall be taken out by the hunter.

2023-2024 season hunting permits are now available. You must have completed the safety brief within 365 days, otherwise, the permits will not appear available. To see if you have a valid safety brief, select "my account", "account details", and then "validations". If you have completed the safety brief it will show the date you completed it here. If you are attempting to obtain ANY YOUTH PERMITS, you must be logged into the youth person's account.