Handicapped Hunters

All Handicapped or Disabled hunters must be approved by 733 CES prior to hunting from the ground during any deer season at Fort Eustis. 

1. Handicapped or disabled hunters must register themselves in iSportsman.
2. Handicapped or disabled hunters must receive a doctor's note stating that they are unable to climb treestands.

- Exception is made for those with physically obvious conditions (wheelchair bound, prosthetic limb, paralyzed limb, etc). These cases can be approved in person by the Wildlife Biologist.
- The Doctor's note must NOT contain any medical, HIPPA, or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) other than the Hunter's name.  
- The Doctor's note must state that the hunter should not climb tree stands, state whether this is temporary or permanent, and be dated. 

3. Send an email with the doctor's note, your name, and permit number to the Wildlife Biologist (joseph.gentry.6@us.af.mil).