Waterfowl Asset Markings

- All waterfowl assets are coded with a minimum of four (4) digits, first two (2) indicate the hunting area, followed by one or two digits for the asset type, followed by the asset number in that hunting area (ie: 19P1), others may have additional letters that indicate when the asset can be hunted. 

- Letter Coding for asset type signifies the type marker.
   - P = Pond. Hunters can hunt anywhere within that pond.
   - DB = Duck Blind (interior or exterior). Hunters must hunt from within the structure during the deer season, and in or within 50 yards if deer season is not concurrent. 
   - WM = Waterfowl Marker (white PVC). Hunters must hunt from within 50 yards of the marker.  

- Letter coding signifies special characteristics for that stand: 
   - W = Can be hunted on Weekends only.
   - H = Can be hunted on Federal Holidays only.

- Letter coding legend is also located on the waterfowl hunting map and is the responsibility of hunters to know and obey all coding.


Trail Markings

- All trailheads are marked with the appropriate waterfowl asset number. Please park at the nearest parking lot or approved parking location as indicated on the map. 
- Trail Markers for waterfowl hunting are blue reflective material with white edges. 
- Exterior waterfowl assets do not have marked trails and must be accessed by small watercraft from the exterior of the Installation.