Weapons Registration

All weapons, including shotguns, air rifles, muzzleloaders, bows, and crossbows, must be registered with the 733 Security Forces Squadron (SFS) ANNUALLY. Anyone bringing a weapon on post shall review the memorandum for weaponds registration, possession, transportation and storgage found here. All participants in the hunting program must complete a DD Form 2760 and JBLE Form 1019 and return it to the SFS Front Desk located at 648 Washington Blvd, Fort Eustis. Please allow 3-4 days for the processing of paperwork. You may then pick up your Weapon Permit.   

Your Weapon Permit AND your iSportsman Parking Pass (printed with your hunting permit) are required for entry onto Fort Eustis if you are participating in the hunting program. Both Items must be displayed on your vehicle's dash while on the Installation.  If you are NOT with your vehicle or actively hunting, your weapons registration and parking pass should be removed from the dash and your firearm must be affixed to an immovable portion of the vehicle and free from view from outside. 

DD Form 2760

JBLE Form 1019