Youth Hunting Information


Youth and Apprentice hunters are authorized to cohabitant any waterfowl hunting asset (blind, marker, or pond), 2-person metal deer stand, or deer stands with identical numbers*. The primary hunter will be the adult (youth) or experienced (apprentice) individual and will checkin the youth or apprentice hunter as a guest participant. 

* Virginia Dept. of Wildlife Resources and JBLE I 32-102 requires a licensed and permitted adult to be within arms reach of the firearm for all youth and apprentice hunters. 


Tandem Hunting

Tandem hunting is when two or more persons occupy the same hunting asset, whether a deer stand, duck blind, or other permitted location. Some deer hunting stands have two locations marked with the same stand number on the map and in the woods. You can hunt these areas solo, or hunt the area using multiple persons. If multiple people plan to hunt, one person must check into the stand and then must check in the additional persons as a "guest" and will require the guest permit number. 

Tandem hunting is authorized at any small game/predator hunting area (except during deer seasons), waterfowl hunting asset (blind, marker, or pond), 2-person metal deer stand, or deer stands with identical numbers*
     * NOTE: Only one hunter in each group can complete the check-in process and that hunter will add the guest(s) during the process. The primary hunter is responsible for reporting group harvest data. 
     * NOTE: The guest hunter must have a valid JBLE Hunting permit. 
     * NOTE: All guests are linked to the primary hunter.  When the primary hunter completes the check-out process, all guests will also be checked out.  If guests of the primary hunter desire to maintain occupancy of the waterfowl hunting location following the primary hunter completing the check-out process, a guest hunter may complete the check-in process to do so.


Tandem Waterfowl Hunting "Check-in" Procedure

All waterfowl hunting locations have a maximum occupancy of 4, but only 1 hunter can sign for the location.  Your hunting party cannot exceed 4 total hunters.

- Log into your iSportsman account
- Click “check-in”
- Navigate acknowledgments
- Choose exterior or interior waterfowl hunting

At this point, you should see all available asset numbers (for example, 23DB14) and “Spots Remaining” beneath the asset number.    
NOTE: While the occupancy of each waterfowl hunting location is 4, the “Spots Remaining” will now show 1. 

 iSportsman will close each waterfowl hunting location following the completion of the check-in process by the first waterfowl hunter. This eliminates “double booking”. ​

- Following your selection of a waterfowl hunting asset, you will be asked if there are additional participants. (Your response is always “NO.”)
- You will then be asked if you have any guests.
    - If you are hunting alone, then you select “NO.” 
    - ​If you are hunting as a group, then you select “YES.”